Press Coverage
SoftFlask"Keep water handy witht eh collapsible SoftFlask"
Rock and Ice September, 2014SoftFlask"On a recent trip up the Rainbow Wall in Red Rocks, Las Vegas, I used what may be the perfect multi-pitch water bottle. The SoftFlask 750 from Hydrapak."
Stash"We love this new minimal drinking system."
Breach Bang Clear logoHydrapak Collapsible Water Bottle July 24th, 2014Stash"That’s right folks. A whole mess of science and out of the box thinking goes into their product development and it really shows in their hydration systems. The samples we've been playing with have turned out to be pretty awesome."
Trail Runner Magazine, July IssueSoftFlask"Works great in the front-loading pockets of a pack. The bite-valve is brilliant, and from our experience, leak-proof."
Outside Magazine, Buyer's Guide
June 1st, 2014
SoftFlask, Marmot"When you need to replace a lot of water, the Speed offers a two-liter reservoir and a 17-ounce, taste-free Hydrapak bottle in one of the smartest, simplest hydration-pack designs you'll find."
Review Hydrapak SoftFlask June 4th, 2014SoftFlask"Just like every Hydrapak product we’ve laid our hands on, these SoftFlasks are tough, resilient and durable enough to take on a life both inside and outside the urban jungle."
single tracksProduct Review: Hydrapak SF350 & SF500
May 20th, 2014
SoftFlask"Within moments of the box arriving, both SoftFlasks had been commandeered by my wife and daughter, and I had to fight to get them back just to do the review! I tested the intuitively-named SF350 and SF500 (milliliters), and from the very first use I was hooked."
Adventure InspiredFour "To Do's To Prep for Backpacking Season
May 15th, 2014
SoftFlask" A water bottle that collapses down to the size of a beer can is a great emergency item. It easily fits in my first aid kit,in a cycling jersey, and clips to just about anything!"
Gearist.comMust Haves for Mother's Day
May 6th, 2014
SoftFlask" With the Softflask from Hydrapak, mom can make sure that she and everyone else has water to drink while at the same time saving a TON of space when they're empty"
Utah OutsideHydrapak SofFlask Review
April 24, 2014
SoftFlask"I found these collapsible flasks to be convenient and jealousy-inducing among my friends and co-workers."
www.fitbie.comFitbie Find: Hydrapak SoftFlask
April 16, 2014
SoftFlask"The water bottle, which comes in three different sizes, completely collapses down to the size of a crushed soda can when empty. Hello, genius!"
April 16, 2014
SoftFlask"When you need a hit, just squeeze. When they are empty they just roll out of the way."
Hitravels.comHydrapak SoftFlask: going light, staying hydrated
April 3, 2014
SoftFlask"We have found the Hydrapak SoftFlasks to be nearly a divine intervention."
Be the ChangeREVIEW: Hydrapak SoftFlask
April 3, 2014
SoftFlask"I LOVE things that compact well and this collapsible lightweight SoftFlask™ is easy to use and packs tightly for efficient storage and transport"
Tri FatherhoodTriathlon Product Roundup 2014
April 3, 2014
SoftFlask" It’s pretty simple: fill it with fluid or gel calories, consume, smush it up, stuff it in your pocket. This is an awesome way to carry more calories or hydration on the bike especially since it fits a cycling jersey rear pocket nicely."
www.ackwire.comHydrapak SoftFlasks Gear Review
April 1, 2014
SoftFlask"Their SoftFlasks are definitely innovative, to say the least. We tested these guys extensively, and the general consensus around here seems to be that they’re awesome."
www.backpackingengineer.comSoftFlask Review
March 31, 2014
SoftFlask"The moment I saw how small this thing collapses I began to think about replacing my plastic bottles with it. The great thing about this is that the size (when full) is comparable to the plastic bottles I take, but when not full it can collapse to a size smaller than my fist.."
www.gorun.seHydrapak SoftFlask
March 30, 2014
SoftFlask"I am thrilled."
Fitness Travel GearThe SoftFlask Review
March 20, 2014
SoftFlask"Bottom Line: Packable, collapsible, lightweight water bottle perfect for trail runners, adventure travelers, and anyone looking to save some pack space."
Running the CascadesThe SoftFlask Review
March 20, 2014
SoftFlask"A great product pretty much across the board in these bottles. I’d recommend them highly..."
The Gear NutsThe SoftFlasks 500 & 350
March 17, 2014
SoftFlask"We found that Hydrapak’s modular design is very light weight and compact. It really caters perfectly to multiple day adventures like backpacking, fast packing, adventure racing, and activity in between."
Ultra Running MagazineHydration Gear Review: Back Mounted Systems
March 10, 2014
Reservoir"Hydrapak reservoirs are becoming the gold standard for most hydration packs, for two good reasons: 1) they’re super durable, and 2) they turn completely inside out, making cleaning and drying a breeze."
SF500 Review
March 4th, 2014
SoftFlask"This product works great year round and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a quality alternative to plastic water bottles and bulky hydration packs."
Hydrapak Elite Vest and SoftFlask Review
March 4th, 2014
SoftFlask, E-Lite Vest"Some of the cool features in addition to the collapsible body is that it has a high-flow silicone bite valve with twist shut-off which was really handy when I took it to spin class with me, it is dishwasher and freezer safe"
RSRGreat Things Come To Those Who Hydrate
March 4th, 2014
SoftFlask"The bite valve is amazing because all you need to do to drink your water is bite and squeeze."
Hydrapak SoftFlask Review
February 28th, 2014
SoftFlask"The Hydrapak SoftFlasks are easy to use, comfortable to hold, and collapse down to practically nothing when empty. ..The 500ml bottle is my new go-to for runs of over an hour, and I plan to use the 750ml bottle for each of my upcoming hiking excursions."
NEWAGEMAMASoftFlasks Review
February 28th, 2014
SoftFlask"The SoftFlask is a really unique take on a water bottle that's perfect for anyone who's constantly on the go."
Review: Hydrapak Bishop 12L
February 16, 2014
Bishop"The Hydrapak Bishop is the most comfortable, most stable, and best weight-bearing mountain bike hydration pack I have ever used. While I can’t claim to have tested every pack, I’ve used quite a few… so that’s saying something!"
Hydrapak SoftFlask Review
February 6, 2014
SoftFlask"As you drink from the SoftFlask, it collapses on itself like all bladders do. This eliminates all sloshing and allows you to stow the empty SoftFlask easily. In my opinion, a huge improvement over other handhelds"
irunnerpodcastHydrapak SoftFlask Review
January 16, 2014
SoftFlask"I see myself transitioning over to soft flasks for many uses. They’re great to carry in vests, in backpacks, and my running stroller,"
uberapparatus.comuberReyes Hydration Pack:Hydrapak
December 27, 2013
Reyes"A minimalist balance between carrying plenty of water with just the right amount of gear for a solid 3 hour ride"
PTGHydrapak Tamarack Pack
December 19, 2013
Tamarack"For a great, pared-down pack complete with a hydration bladder bonus, check out the Hydrapak Tamarack Pack."
topkitTop Hydration Packs: Quench Your Thirst
December 17, 2013
Soquel" It is an excellent all around lightweight performance pack that’s big enough to store 2-liters of water and whatever essentials you need during your journey."
Active JunkyTravel Gear That Goes Farther
December 13, 2013
SoftFlask"Created as a collapsible energy gel and drink flask, Active Junky also liked it for jelly, honey and other comestibles recognizing the challenges of sticky cleanup. "
tactical-life.comThe Hydrapak Soft Flask
December 6, 2013
SoftFlask"They come with a covered, lockable bite valve and lash points on the top and bottom. Best, when empty, the bottles compress and take up very little room."
examiner.comexaminer2013 guide to gifts for the outdoor lover part 1: Gifts under $50

December 2, 2013
SoftFlask"The SoftFlask from Hydrapak is a collapsible, dishwasher-safe bottle that can be used for pretty much any outdoor endeavor. It can be carried in a pack, a pocket, a bottle holder, or simply carried by hand"
the gear caster10 Winter Running Essentials
December 2, 2013
SoftFlask" Even though it's cold, you still need to hydrate. The Hydrapak SoftFlasks are easy to carry or throw in your pocket for sipping from during your run."
the gear casterHydrapak Bishop Hydration Pack Review
November 11, 2013
Bishop"With a 3L reservoir and 12L-15L of storage space, the Bishop makes a great commuter pack or an all day ride hydration pack"
Endurance Sports Business NewsClick HereNEWS
gear scoutHydrapak First Wave Soft Flasks
November 7, 2013
First Wave Reservoir"Best, when empty, the bottles compress and take up very little room. Only downside— you probably won’t want to use it as a dip bottle"
insideoutdoor.comHydrapak's New Director of Sales November 5, 2013NEWS

New Director of Sales Announced
endurancesportswire.comHydrapak's New Director of Sales November 4, 2013NEWS
New Director of Sales Announced
malakye.comHydrapak's New Director of Sales November 4, 2013NEWSNew Director of Sales Announced
actionhub.comHydrapak's New Director of Sales November 4, 2013NEWSNew Director of Sales Announced
Bicycle RetailerBicycle RetailerHydrapak's New Director of Sales November 4, 2013NEWSNew Director of Sales Announced
Outdoor IndustryHydrapak's New Director of Sales November 3, 2013NEWSNew Director of Sales Announced
triathlonbusiness.comtriathlon businessHydrapak's New Director of Sales November 3, 2013NEWSNew Director of Sales Announced
www.skiporgo.comHydrapak at Interbike Intrduces the Bishop
October 30, 2013
Big Andy's RunningProduct Revew: SoftFlask Review
October 30, 2013
SoftFlask"This is actually a huge positive for me, as there is no fumbling (or thinking) involved in the process, no fighting with the foil gel packets while on the move, just stick the nozzle in your mouth, bite down, and you’re good to go"
singletracks.comHydrapak Make a Move with The Bishop
October 11, 2013
Bishop"The two Bishops look to be a huge leap forward in the features, support, and ventilation departments."
Gear Guide for Grinders and Newbie Cyclists
October 11, 2013
Click HereHydrapak
singletracks.comBishop Review
October 1, 2013
Bishop"The brand-new Bishop is jam-packed with advanced features and looks ready to tackle even the biggest dogs in the hydration pack market."
New Gear: Blaster, Bishop, SoftFlask
September 26, 2013
Blaster Valve, Bishop, SoftFlask
mnbiketrailnavigator.blogspot.comClick HereSoftFlask"This new design is larger, has a wider cap, a hardened rounded bottom and will work great as a soft collapsible water bottle."

Click HereSoftFlask"The SoftFlask collapses as you drink so the remaining water doesn't bounce around and you can drink every last drop. Once empty, the collapsible bottle scrunches up small, taking up no room in your pack or pocket."
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