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No Estrogenic Chemicals, BPA, or Pthalates

EA stands for Estrogenic Activivity. Any chemical that either blocks or mimics the natural estrogen in the human body is an EA chemical. Chemicals like BPA and Phtalates are just a few EA chemicals that can be found in certain plastics.

Hydrapak has teamed with Plastipure to bring you the first plastic water bottle that is certified as EA-Free. Plastipure has developed this new plastic with a unique team comprised of both biologists and polymer chemists.

The PureBot is a great alternative for people who desire safe water bottles without the added bulk and tastes from metal. Not only is the PureBot safe to use, it’s durable and dishwasher safe.

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For more information on EA, please see the video and links below.


Nicholas Kristof on The Colbert Report

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