Tube Magnet

Tube Magnet

Hydration Reservoir Accessory

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Quickly secure your tube to your strap or jersey, allowing you to more easily access your hydration. Strong magnet keeps tube in place and easily attaches / detaches for quick hydration. Compatible with all HydraFlex™ drink tubes.

Note: The magnet set will not fit our insulated tube sets due to the larger outside diameter.



  1. Strong magnet keeps tube in place
  2. Easily attaches / detaches for quick hydration
  3. Includes tube grab & strap plate
  4. Universal size, fits all 1/4" diameter non-insulated drink tubes (not compatible with HydraFusion™ and ArcticFusion™)



    9 g / 0.3 oz

    6 mm / 1/4 in

    POM, Magnet