Shape-Shift™ 2 L

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Smart design, meet peak performance – also known as the Shape-Shift Reservoir. Our time-tested creation for hydration on the go, it can take a serious beating, it fits nicely in most packs and it’s fully reversible for easy cleaning. Durable, dependable form and function.

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Great design. Perfect camelback alternative

Two great design points that make this the best option I have seen. First, the reservoir separates from the hose, which allows you to leave the hose in your hydration backpack (or backpacking backpack) while you fill up the reservoir. It also makes it super easy to clean and/or dry it out after every use. Second, the top opens up completely, making it easy to fill up with ice from a fridge then add water without any mess. Despite the simple, easy method for closing the top, I have never had a single drop of water leak after probably 200 uses over 4 years. Fits in both of my old camelbak hydration packs, so an easy upgrade to their horrible reservoirs.

By Jaime

Such an upgrade!

Love the baffle. My old Osprey reservoir had the threaded circular cap and it would make such a mess. I was a little hesitant to try this baffle but I will never go back! It's so easy to fill and easy to CLEAN! It's so easy to clean, I am not afraid to add powder mix to my water for really hot days on the bike. Such an upgrade, so simple!

By Shandy


Easy to add water to the reservoir !!!

By Andrea

Game Changer

As avid backpackers/hikers, my partner and I have tried various water systems and were OK with what we were using previously until we tried this HydraPak. The Shape-Shift is a Game Changer. A few things that we liked:

1. The ease of filling up. It is so quick and easy! The top of the reservoir opens up completely. The convenience of filling up this reservoir is wonderful - really beats what we were using before which had an opening the size of a plastic bottle opening (always a chore to fill). Although we have not taken this backpacking yet, I can imagine if we ever need to filter water, this reservoir will make it a breeze.
2. The fact that you can expand (unlock) or collapse (lock) the reservoir for either 2L or 1.5L. This is a great feature because sometimes you don't need to carry as much water, and locking the reservior flattens the bag and prevents excessive splashing.
3. Cleaning. You can literally flip this reservior inside out. This makes cleaning so simple! You can wash and DRY (instead of letting it air dry) and then flip it back to the original side - completely cleaned. This feature ensures the reservior can be properly cleaned and prevents mildew.

Right now, we only have one in our family but we are definitely planning on getting a second one. It also fits all our backpacks and day packs (Osprey, OR, Deuter) really well. 100% recommended!

By Sarah

Nice product

Highly recommend if you’re into mountain biking or running. The baffle works great!

By kristen

Awesome reservoir! Love the baffle

Great product! I like how zippering the baffle prevents the water from sloshing around when I’m mountain biking or running. The baffle can be a little hard to undo, but using some of the included lubricant makes it easier to zip open in order to reverse the reservoir.

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