Full-Force™ 3 L

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Power hydration at its best. The Full-Force 3L reservoir is a pressure activated hydration system. Equipped with an easy-to-use squeeze bulb that sprays water at your command - whether you're dousing yourself, cleaning your gear or hydrating your dog. Of course like all HydraPak reservoirs, it's fast-filling, leak-proof and fully reversible for easy cleaning.

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By BlomQuist Städservice

Great wear!

Great gear to hydrate yourself while working, also make it as easy as pie to rinse your equipment. I love it!

By Eddie

helpful product

Awesome for longer hikes and backpacking trips with my dog. helps to get him clean when his paws are muddy and I can fill up his water dish, too as well as stay hydrated myself

By ellenR

using it for camping and backpacking

The pressurized tube is awesome! I find it helpful for camping and backpacking. The 3l size is pretty hefty for when I need more water.

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