Shape-Shift™ 3 L


Simply put, some athletes thirst for more. That’s why we developed our high capacity 3 liter Shape-Shift. Like it’s smaller brother, it’s extremely durable, fully reversible for easy cleaning and, like all our reservoirs, helps you perform at your highest levels.



  • Shape-Shift™ baffle locks for a slim profile and increased stabilization; unlocks for full volume and reverses for easy cleaning
  • Slide-Seal™ top opens wide for easy filling and closes tight for a leakproof seal
  • High-flow Blaster™ bite valve self seals after each sip and features a twist on/off bar to prevent leaks when not in use
  • Plug-N-Play™ connect system lets you easily disconnect the drink tube (an auto shutoff valve prevents leaking) and remove the reservoir from your pack for convenient refilling
  • Fully reversible for easy cleaning and drying, top-shelf dishwasher safe
  • Made of ultra-durable, abrasion resistant TPU & RF welded seams for superior durability and elasticity
  • Can be frozen or filled with hot water (max temp 60° C / 140° F
  • Safe and reliable, 100% BPA & PVC free


3 L / 100 fl oz unlocked
2.5 L / 84 fl oz locked

152 g / 5.3 oz

440 mm / 17 in x 165 mm / 6.5 in

Thermoplastic Polyurethane; HDPE; Silicone

Frequently Asked Questions

What's included in the box?

Each reservoir kit includes:

  • Slide-Seal™ Top with Tether
  • 36" HydraFlex™ Tube
  • Blaster™ Bite Valve
  • Plug-N-Play™ Connect System
  • Removable Pack Clip
  • Silicone Lubrication
  • Basic Care & Use Intructions

How do I clean my reservoir?

The Shape-Shift features a removable baffle which locks for a slim profile and increased stabilization and unlocks for full volume. When unlocked it reverses for easy cleaning - throw it in the top-shelf of your dishwasher or rinse with mild soap and water. Make sure to let the reservoir dry out completely while reversed.

How do I clean my tube and bite valve?

While throwing your tube set in the freezer is a great way to prevent anything funky from happening, if you are hydrating with anything other than water you will want to keep it clean. All of our components are removable for easy cleaning: 1. Disconnect the drink tube from the reservoir 2. Grasp the bite valve in one hand and tube in the other then pull the valve firmly to remove the bite valve from the tube 3. Gently remove the silicone sheath from the valve and clean with Bottle Bright or mild soap and water 4. Clean the inside of the tube by inserting the Hydrapak Tube Brush in the open end of the tube and scrub 5. After drying the components, carefully reattach the sheath to the valve and re-install.

How do I attach the leash to the Slide-Seal™ top?

There is a small hook on the Slide-Seal™ top, and you can attach the tether to that point. When you want to unattach the leash, pull the tether's loop to unattach.

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Customer Reviews


Great product

I really like this bladder. Previously I used a Camelbak and this system is much better. It's easier to fill and the tube will disconnect. However, I do struggle to get the shape shifter done up/clipped together again. I've watched a review which shows how to do it, but mine will not easily go together like a sandwich bag. Any tips would be appreciated.

By A. Chris King

Customer for life

I love HydraPak. Great products and great customer service! I have been using the 3L Shape Shifter for about a year so far (mid 2016 to mid 2017). This bladder was purchased to replace an older HydraPak bladder (with a 5/16 hose) that came in my Dakine Drafter Pack. Nothing was wrong with that bladder, but I needed to replace the Plug-N-Play, so I decided to upgrade to the Shape Shifter for the baffle feature, and the more standard hose diameter. The fit in the Drafter pack is great, and the bladder even has the small "loop" that my pack hooks on to, to keep the bladder upright. The Shape Shifter bladder has markings for the fluid level. These markings are accurate when the Shape Shifter baffle is not zipped together. When the pack is zipped together, it obviously hold less fluid (HydraPak says 84 fl oz/2.5 L). Most of the time I zip the baffle, but for longer and/or hotter rides in the Arizona desert, I leave it unzipped. The Plug-N-Play is great, as long as you occasionally lubricate the o-ring. At HydraPak's recommendation I use a food grade silicone lubricant. Dow Corning Mylokote 111 works great. The same lubricant makes the baffle easy to open and close (easier to close than open). Without lubricant, the baffle becomes very hard to use. If you use the right lubricant, you rarely have to reapply. The Blaster valve doesn't leak, unless it gets damaged (which happens over time) . The flow is sufficient, but is not as high flow as it sounds. The valve closure works well, but cannot be done with one hand while riding. HydraPak bladders are very strong and easy to clean. I don't see myself using any other bladder.

By JohnC

Fabulous product would be prefect with a longer hose

I am very impressed by the features, quality of construction, ease of cleaning, and versatility. It was compatible with all of my hydration and backpacks. I also like having the option to reduce the volume when needed. My only complaint is the hose length. It is about 3 inches shorter than competitors and when installed in many of my hyrdration packs barely reaches my mouth. A little longer hose would make it more comfortable and easier to use. This is my only reason for not rating 5 stars.

By erin1

good reservoir

This product really impressed me and I've used it quite a bit for long hikes and backpacking trips. I don't use the baffle often but maybe other people use it more than me. i have recommended this to other friends who hike

By john

use this on longer hikes

I use this product on longer hikes where I need more water in my backpack. It works well and has never leaked. Would recommend

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