Surge™ Bite Valve


A proven performer, the Surge has a naturally ergonomic design. Featuring a simple twist on/off function, it's our most compact and durable valve. Available in two sizes for 1/4" diameter drink tubes or 5/16" diameter drink tubes.


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  • Easy flow, 45 degree angle valve with twist locking shut-off
  • Durable, TPE synthetic rubber sheath
  • Includes Dust Cover
  • Available in two sizes: 1/4" diameter fitting or 5/16" diameter fitting (Pre-2011)

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know what size Surge Valve I need?

The easiest way to identify the size is to remove the bite valve from the tube. The bite valve is connected to the tube by friction, so pulling it out with a little force will not do any damage to your system. Once the valve is removed, count the number of barbs on the valve. If you have 2 barbs, the size is a 1/4". If you have 3 barbs, you have a pre-2011 5/16".
Click here for an image to help identify your Bite Valve