Reservoir Directions for Use

Connecting/Disconnecting Plug-N-Play

To connect, push the insert (on the tube) into the body (on the reservoir). You will hear and feel it click into place. To disconnect, push the gray button on the body and pull out insert. The body automatically seals after the insert is removed.

For users with a fixed connector, we recommend upgrading your reservoir to a Plug-N-Play Quick Disconnect system. Watch this video to learn how.


To open, pull the slider top sideways from the closed/flared end until removed. Unfold the opening and pull the two sides apart. To close, fold the top molded parts down once and slide the slider top across the length of the folded area to seal.


Make sure the exit spout is sealed with the Plug-N-Play connector and the Slider top is off. Fill the reservoir with water. Do not overfill (see max fill line indicator). The reservoir was designed to carry both cold and warm water (-20°F up to 170°F).


To allow water to flow, bite the soft portion of the valve and suck at the same time. The valve will remain sealed when not in use. To prevent accidental spilling, engage the shutoff by rotating the body of the valve 90 degrees.


In order to maintain a hygienic reservoir, clean and dry completely after each use. Store in a clean and dry place. Before each use (especially the first use), rinse thoroughly with water.

Reservoir Lubrication

For optimal performance, periodically apply a food-grade silicone lubricant to the O-ring (on the end of the hose), the slider top, and Shape-Shift baffle.

Shape-Shift Baffle

If your reservoir features a Shape-Shift baffle you have the option to leave it locked or unlocked. To lock, reverse the reservoir to expose the top of the baffle. Press the top part of the baffle together and snap the two sides into place. Next, return the reservoir to its natural orientation and slide your fingers down the length of the baffle (on the outside of the reservoir) to engage. To unlock, empty the reservoir, fold the top down and pull the baffle sides apart. Watch this video to learn how.

Quantum Clip

The Quantum Clip accessory allows you to quickly secure your tube to your strap or jersey, allowing you to more easily access your hydration. To use, attach the strap clip to your pack and the tube grab to your hydration tube. Watch this video to see a full demonstration.