Osprey Hydraulics™ by HydraPak

Current generation Osprey Hydraulics™ Reservoirs, introduced in 2016 and designed and manufactured by HydraPak, fall under Osprey's All Mighty Guarantee™. If you are in need of repair or replacement, please fill out and submit the warranty form below.

Osprey Hydraulics™ Owners Manual

Have questions? Give our Customer Service Department a call at 510-632-8318 or send them an email at service@hydrapak.com. We do our best to respond to all inquiries within 24 business hours.

**Previous generation reservoirs (those manufactured and sold before 2016 and not manufactured by HydraPak) are covered by Osprey's previous limited 1-year warranty from the purchase date, which covers manufacturing and material defects only. If your pre-2016 reservoir falls within the warranty guidelines, please fill out the Osprey warranty form here.