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2022 Gift Guide for Hikers

October 20, 2022
2022 Gift Guide for Hikers

Does your gift list include hikers? From water bottles designed to keep you hydrated on shorter hikes to packs designed for traversing serious miles, this gear guide includes our go-to hiking equipment. We’ve got something for all skill levels - day, backcountry, overnight, and ultralight hikers! Regardless of length, type or location, hiking is a great way to enjoy the outdoors, and this list has something at every price point.

Water Bottle

Best for: Casual hiking and everyday use. Transitions from car cup holders to backpack pockets.

Recon 1L 

The Recon is a day hiker's dream. Not only was this lightweight water bottle designed to fit in backpack pockets, the slender design means it also fits most car cup holders. The grip grove and bail handle make the Recon easy to carry and/or clip. Hikers especially love the cap design for one specific reason: the flow rate is exceptional—you’re not choking on water or sucking in air—it’s like drinking water out of a glass. Bonus: HydraPak’s RECON is the world’s first bottle where the bottle and cap are made from 50 percent certified recycled plastic.
Available in 500ml, 750ml and 1L.

Hydration Reservoir

Best for: Backpackers and hikers that require more than a liter of water and want hands free hydration.

Shape-Shift 2L

Our time-tested hydration reservoir series, Shape-Shift, is known for versatility and reversibility. Backpackers are drawn to this reservoir for its performance features. The easy-to-use slider top opens wide and is fully reversible for cleaning and drying. A center baffle helps the reservoir maintain a low-profile shape when filled and increases stabilization during high impact activities. The reservoir is designed to fit most packs and weighs less than 5 ounces. 

Available in both 2L and 3L options. Looking for a bit more? Try the Ultimate Hiking Bundle.

Day Pack

Best for: A range of activities from day hikes on local trails to festivals, farmers markets and global travel.

Osprey Daylite Plus

Short hikes don’t require big, bulky, and, oftentimes expensive, packs. For day hikes, we love Osprey’s Daylight® Series of packs. Lightweight, simple, durable and comfortable, the Daylite Plus is well-loved for a reason. It’s super versatile, but technical enough for the trail. This pack has all the storage space and organization options you need for gear, snacks and, of course, hydration. Plus, the padded straps make it comfortable to carry all day.   

Available in multiple colors ($75)

First Aid Kit

Best for: Minor aches and injuries on hikes.

First Aid Only All-Purpose Emergency Kit

Let’s face it, accidents happen when out on the trail. That’s why we recommend all hikers carry a first-aid kit no matter the length of the trip. This First Aid Only soft sided kit features all the essential first aid items for minor aches and injuries. Plus, it’s compact. Perfect to stash in packs so the hiker in your life doesn’t have to worry about keeping band-aids or other essentials on hand in the event of a slip or fall! 

Available on Amazon for under $21.

Collapsible Water Filter

Best for: Remote trekking.

Katadyn BeFree 1L 

Stay hydrated while hiking, no matter the distance. This bottle includes the Katadyn BeFree Microfilter so hikers no longer have to worry about where your next drink will come from. Just fill up the 1.0L flask and let the EZ-Clean membrane do the work. Smash, stash and go! This is the gift everyone wants, but never buys themselves. 

Available in 1L for $49.95.