Who We Are

We’ve been designing and producing flexible performance hydration systems since 2001. Our mission is to relentlessly create better hydration solutions for performance-driven people.

California Design

A brisk trail run at dawn through fog rolling in off the Pacific. Pedaling out of the saddle to switchback into the hills above Oakland. Traversing the trails and timeless vistas of the Sierra Crest. Yosemite, the Redwoods, Lake Tahoe, the Lost Coast—we live where nature and opportunity intersect with daily access. In our Northern California home, outdoor inspiration exists at every turn in the trail and along every mile of the ride—driving us further. It drives us to wake early and stay out until the last slivers of sunlight fade in the west—making the most of each day with an uncompromising natural charge. At HydraPak, it drives us to do more, and to go beyond.

Our Community

of athletes and adventurers are driven by the same mindset. Pedal further. Run faster. Log more vert. Set a personal goal and make it happen—from an overnight backpacking loop to a lifelong ambition of ticking off a 50k, hiking the John Muir Trail or summiting Mt. Whitney. Wherever you endeavor to go, we're there to make sure you stay hydrated every step of the way, and we strive to be the least of your worries in the wild. We believe in performance-driven design, and our gear is boiled down to the essence of functional performance.

Details Matter

and we spend thousands of hours considering every single one. Our reputation has been earned on dusty desert trails and frigid mountain peaks, and through partnerships with leading brands like Salomon and Osprey. We don't simply supply our brand partners, we collaborate with them during design and testing phases so their finished products perform beyond the sum of their parts. We innovate and then engineer our gear to be a reliable platform you can use to push beyond where you got before. Set a goal, achieve, and set another. At HydraPak, performance-driven defines who we are—and we know it defines you too.

Our Values: At Our Core

We are transparent. What you see is what you get, and as our customer you deserve to be informed about our operation. We are entrepreneurial. From humble beginnings in the garage, to the forefront of the industry, HydraPak has always been on the cutting edge. We are never satisfied sitting still. We are accountable. We guarantee what we make–every HydraPak product comes with a lifetime warranty. And, we are mindful. HydraPak is here to serve your needs more and impact the planet less.