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2022 Hunting Gift Guide

November 03, 2022
2022 Hunting Gift Guide

Hunting is challenging, but finding gifts for sportsmen doesn’t have to be. Use our Hunting Gift Guide to track down the perfect gift for your favorite huntsman (or huntswoman), without letting them know you’ve been on the hunt for them. Here, you will find all kinds of gear that hunters need, use up or want to try out, all at a variety of price points. Whether it’s a stocking stuffer or wrapped in a big box under the tree, we have gifts for big and small game hunters that will hit the mark every time.

Hydration for Rugged Adventures

Best for: Carrying water on longer excursions

Force Reservoir 

When you are in the field, it can be tough to stop and grab a drink of water. To avoid dehydration, many sportsmen will find that a good water bladder hydration system is the easiest way to stay hydrated.  The ultra-durable Force Reservoir is built to fit in just about every pack, including most hunting backpacks. Take sips on the go with its insulated drink tube that keeps water cool in hot weather and protects in tough conditions. The high-flow bite valve not only has a dirt guard, but also self-seals and twists on/off to prevent leaks.  
Available in 2L ($42) and 3L ($45) sizes.

Hunting Backpacks

Best for: Packing for longer days and distances

Mystery Ranch Treehouse

Long days and long distance calls for more gear. The Mystery Ranch Treehouse backpack will carry all the gear your hunters need without breaking their back. Built with a strong focus on usability, organization and silent operation, the pack is offered in two different capacities and is constructed with durable, water-resistant and quiet materials. It has a spacious interior that allows room for extra layers and other hunting essentials. Top-loading and dual-zippered access expands for easy entry to the interior and is complemented by multiple sleeves and pockets for organization and accessory attachment. 

Available in 20L ($229) or 38L ($299)

Pocket Sized Hydration

Best for: Scouting without a pack


Stow Flexible Bottle 

When it comes to scouting, hunters may prefer to leave their packs and heavy gear behind so they can move quickly and efficiently in order to find the perfect location to post up. With durable construction and minimal design for easy packing, the flexible Stow bottle is easy to hold and pocket making it the perfect hydration solution for those looking to minimize the amount of gear they carry. An easy-open flip cap cover protects the spill-proof nozzle when not in use and the bail handle makes for more comfortable carrying and attachment. Plus, it rolls up when empty so you can drink it and forget it’s there.

Available in assorted colors, 500ml ($16) and 1L ($19).


Best for: Keeping hands warm on long, cold days

Zippo 12-Hour Refillable Handwarmer 

Getting cold hands while outside in the elements is an uncomfortable and unneeded distraction. Zippo’s refillable handwarmers provide gentle, flameless warmth that can be held in hands, put in gloves or tucked in pockets. Designed to be refilled easily with lighter fluid, the Zippo uses a catalytic burner that will provide heat for 6 - 8 hours, users can simply remove the top to start the burner, cap it back on and then place it in the included warming pouch for all day use. A perfect stocking stuffer gift!

Available in a variety of colors ($24.95)


Best for: Scoping out game in all types of weather conditions

Leupold RX-1500i TBR/W Laser Rangefinder

Rugged and reliable, the Leupold RX®-1500i TBR/W rangefinder is perfect for hunting or shooting in any weather condition imaginable. Designed to calculate shot distance, this rangefinder features a built in bow mode compensates for drop out to 175 Yards and the Trophy Scale feature easily measures game in the field. The high light transmission LCD display delivers exceptionally bright and clear images throughout the day, no matter the lighting conditions. Loaded with the features that rifle hunters, bowhunters, and shooters demand, this rangefinder gets rid of the guesswork with the push of a button.

Available for $299.99

High Capacity Water Storage

Best for: Storing and dispensing water on remote hunting excursions

Pioneer Water Storage

For long days and rugged adventures when water is at a premium, the lightweight Pioneer is the ideal medium to large capacity water storage and delivery system for outdoor group excursions.  Built to hang from your rig or the nearest tree, it includes a versatile dispensing tap that is great for rinsing off gear, filling bottles or washing up at camp. The Pioneer includes an easy to fill reservoir that opens wide to fill in spigots and streams, and seals tight when closed. Lightweight and packable, it folds down small into the included outer shell, an integrated storage pocket stores the included 28 mm filter adapter when not in use. A perfect gift for hunters taking part in longer, more remote group adventures.

Available in 6L ($62) and 10L ($65) sizes.