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Introducing the New SkyFlask Speed Series

January 03, 2024
Introducing the New SkyFlask Speed Series

HydraPak is proud to introduce the newly redesigned SkyFlask Speed - a result of over two years of design, collaboration with athletes and our ongoing commitment to improving the hydration experience of runners. 

Innovation in Design: Enhancements for Better Performance
When we launched our SkyFlask in 2021, we knew we were onto something. Runners liked the idea of a minimalist handheld flask that was lightweight and easy to fill. It quickly became a favorite of trail runners. One critical piece of feedback from product reviews (yes, we read them!) and athletes at events was that the handstrap was problematic on longer runs when the flask was empty for an extended period of time.
With this key customer insight, our team got to work. The focus was a complete redesign of the SkyFlask's handstrap that would allow runners to hold the flask securely without gripping or squeezing, empty or full.

Behind the Scenes: The Making of the SkyFlask
To design the updated SkyFlask, our team explored a variety of handstrap concepts, looking at a standard minimalist strap with a velcro closure to a more glove-like style grip. We researched a variety of fits and materials, searching for the ideal balance of durability, comfort and security. 

"Designing a handstrap for a softflask poses unique challenges due to the flask's light, flexible and collapsible features. If a runner's hand is strapped to a flexible bottle, the fit of the strap will change as the water is consumed. We wanted to make a handstrap that could be adjusted to fit once. 

The SkyFlask strap is a true "set it and forget it" solution. It allows a runner to focus on their run without any distractions." - Mike Massucco, Product Design Director

From their research, our product team found that many long-distance runners experienced vascular changes that affected the dexterity of their hands. To compensate for this, they developed the Padded Thumb Loop which was designed to take the work out of holding the flask; meaning that no gripping or squeezing is required to stabilize and hold the flask as a runner's arm swings. Runners can relax and enjoy the run.

Tried and Tested by the Pros: From Training to Race Day

Throughout the SkyFlask's redesign, our team collaborated with a group of elite athletes to test updated features and designs, ensuring the SkyFlask's performance in both daily training and on high-stakes race days.

Bay Area athlete, Paddy O'Leary was one of the first athletes to try out our SkyFlask. Starting with early prototypes, Paddy tested our SkyFlasks while  training and racing, providing valuable insight and suggested improvements to create one of his favorite hydration products.


"After becoming a running vest diehard these past years, the SkyFlask has steered me back to the handheld. It's so light, packable and easy to hold, once you're done, you can just stuff it back into your belt or pocket. Whether I am doing a short, light run on the trail or competitive race, the SkyFlask has been the perfect addition to my running gear." - Paddy O'Leary 

Thanks to athletes like Paddy, our team was able fine-tune the final details of our SkyFlask and create a truly unique final product design.   

"We knew we had something special with this design when our product testers told us "I forgot the SkyFlask was even in my hand." - Mike Massucco

*Race day photo credit Tiare Bowman Photography

A Reliable Companion for Every Runner

Our product team has worked to fine-fine tune our best selling SkyFlask and SkyFlask IT into game-changing handheld softflasks. From thoughtful adjustments to innovative new features, the updated SkyFlask sets a new standard for hydration in run. 


The SkyFlask Speed series comes in two sizes (500ml, 350ml) and an insulated SkyFlask IT Speed 500ml. Each comes with HydraPak's popular SpeedFill cap which pops open for convenient refilling and snaps shut with a click.  
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