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Say Hello to the Breakaway+

April 19, 2024
hiking, cycling, water filtration, filtered water

We are excited to finally unveil the first squeeze bottle in our upcoming cycling collection, the Breakaway+. Leveraging our lightweight, integrated filter technology we created the Breakaway+ as a safe and efficient hydration solution for cross-country cyclists and adventurers. The cage-compatible bottle quickly removes waterborne bacteria and microplastics with a hollow fiber filter, enabling outdoor enthusiasts to create potable water anywhere and reduce the amount of water they carry.

“The launch of our Breakaway+ filtered squeeze bottle rounds out our filtration offerings, and gives cyclists and hikers the ability to extend their adventures with easy access to drinking water,” said HydraPak President & CEO Matt Lyon. “We have been focused on redesigning our product offering, improving and innovating on Polar Bottle’s patented technology. The goal is to deliver new high-quality hydration solutions synonymous with the HydraPak brand.” 

Packaged in a lightweight, single-wall design, the Breakaway+ filters freshwater at a rate of >1L per minute. Potable water is delivered quickly with a simple squeeze, forcing water through the filter which removes common waterborne bacteria, such as E.coli (99.9999%), parasitic cysts (99.999%), and microplastics (99.999%) greater than or equal to 3.0 microns in size. A polypropylene build gives the Breakaway+ has a soft hand feel with increased squeezability and a glossy, transparent finish.

The Breakaway+ features a unique twist cap design that allows easy drinking via the soft, high-flow nozzle. The cap twists closed for a leak-proof seal. The bottle also comes with a Muckguard™ cover that protects the nozzle from whatever dust or mud the trail dishes up. The Breakaway bottle series fits securely in a variety of bottle cages and the new Breakaway Filter Cap will thread easily onto all sizes of our Breakaway bottles and Polar Bottles produced after 2007. 

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