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Support Vermont & Hawaii

August 17, 2023
Support Vermont & Hawaii

In early July, Vermont was hit with an onslaught of torrential storms, bringing devastating flood damage to 1,000s of people, businesses and communities. Not even a month later, Maui was overrun by a catastrophic fire causing tragic loss and devastating damage to the people and community of Maui.

In an effort to support those impacted by both tragedies, Polar Bottle has produced two Limited Edition bottles. From now through the end of August, 50% of the sales will be given directly to disaster relief efforts in both Hawaii and Vermont.

The below letter is from Matt Lyon, President and CEO of HydraPak.

We’re saddened by the devastating and destructive events in Vermont and Hawaii. While far away, we all have a responsibility to help others. Especially when there are indirect, and not immediately obvious, connections to our products.

Shortly after news hit about the flooding in Vermont, we learned that one of our partners Engineered Printing Solutions had been affected. Their facility was overrun by water and shut down. Since we use their printers to make Polar Bottles, we thought it fitting to produce a custom bottle in support of VT relief efforts. We partnered with Eleanor Scholz, an artist and lifelong adventurer,  to design a bottle that was representative of the effort needed to rebuild Vermont.  Proceeds from this bottle will go to the VT Flood Response & Recovery Fund via The Vermont Community Foundation.

We all watched in horror as the images of fire blazing through Lahaina in Maui were shown on television. The week following the start of the fire, we got an email from the Maui Marathon Race Director, and SpeedCup customer,  communicating that his race would likely be canceled due to the effects of the fire. We mobilized quickly to develop a Hawaii-specific bottle to support Maui Strong, the organization he suggested.

From now, until the end of August, 50% of the sales of these two bottles will be given to the both Vermont and Maui Strong which can be purchased on our Polar Bottle site.

Thank you, 

Matthew J. Lyon

President & CEO, HydraPak LLC

About the bottles:Hawaii Bottle


The Limited Edition Hawaiian Flag bottle features the iconic Hawaiian State flag overlaid with a graphic print inspired by motifs found in native Hawaiian art. Support the community of Maui and their efforts to rebuild with this Limited Edition Sport Insulated 24oz Bottle.


We worked with artist, Eleanor Scholz, to design a Limited Edition Vermont Inspired bottle. Using a patchwork landscape motif, Scholz reflects upon the care with which hand-made and crafted items are created, which mirrors the care that will be required to help Vermont mend and rebuild after the recent catastrophic flooding. Support our friends in Vermont today with this Limited Edition Sport Insulated 24oz Bottle.