Ditching Disposable

From start to finish, an average runner will use an estimated 55 disposable cups in a single marathon. That's a lot of trash and the results are stacking up.

Cupless Racing

In an effort to reduce waste and support cupless races, we have created a Cupless Race Toolkit and Guide for race directors and events. Together, we can work to prevent single-use cups from being used, trashed or left on roads and trails.

The Results are Stacking Up

“Going cupless has drastically reduced waste at our events. I would estimate that we’ve reduced aid station trash by 75% due to going cupless. Previously, we would go through about 10 – 15 bags of trash at each aid station but now we end up with only a handful coming back”

- Jeff Ball, Director of The North Face
Endurance Challenge Series

Racers Are on Board

”Giving away Speedcups in everyone’s race packet has educated my runners about the importance of ‘going green’ and ‘sustainable racing’. Racers use these not only at my races but will bring them to other trail races whether it is cupless or not”

- Brian Vanderheiden, Owner of Steep Endurance Races

Sustainable Racing Partners