From start to finish, an average runner will use an estimated 55 disposable cups in a single marathon.

There’s a lot of trash at races - water cups, bottles and energy gels all get discarded at the end of these events. We designed our collapsible and reusable SpeedCup as a way to minimize waste and replace single-use cups at race events.  In an effort to support trail and road races looking to transition to a Cupless Racing model using the SpeedCup, we have created a Cupless Racing Program and Guide for race directors to use.



Our collapsible and reusable SpeedCup was designed specifically for runners as an alternative to single-use cups at race events.  Lightweight and flexible, it can be collapsed and stuffed in pockets or carried using the integrated finger loop.


Whether training or racing, consistent hydration and proper fuel intake keeps you energized and ensures a swifter recovery for tomorrow’s run. Lightweight and easy to hold, the Tempo Bottle is designed to make hydrating on the road friction free and accommodates water, electrolyte and nutrition mixes.


Designed with trail runners in mind, the lightweight and flexible UltraFlask is built to fit in just about any running vest or pack. Featuring our SpeedFill technology, the cap pops open and closed with one hand for quick filling so runner's can get in and out of aid stations quickly.

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HydraPak proudly collaborates with leading road and trail races across the country in a shared mission to promote sustainable racing practices through cupless events. 

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