Running Hydration

The quick crunch of dirt under foot keeps one rhythm, your breathing another. Whether your run is weekday maintenance or pushing through mile 50 of your fifth ultramarathon of the season, proper hydration is essential for high performance on trail. Our ultralight, durable, efficient hydration systems have spent tens of thousands of dusty, sweaty miles evolving into the best available. From your first 5k to your first 100-mile podium, we’re here to help you go further.

Race Day Preparation

Whether you’re training for a 50-mile endurance running race or tackling a 100-mile cross country mountain bike race, by the time the big day rolls around you’ve hopefully spent so much time out on on the trails that hydration and nutrition are second nature. Here’s a quick guide for things to consider as you prepare for your next race day.
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Salomon S/LAB Sense Ultra 5 Set

The S/Lab Sense Ultra 5 Set is constructed of featherweight, ultra-thin stretch mesh making for a “barely-there” comfort during long distance running missions. It comes with two HydraPak-made 500ml soft flasks with wide mouths and quarter-turn caps for fast refills. There’s pockets for two additional flasks and a bevy of energy bars, extra layers, and anything else you need to go the distance.