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2022 Gift Guide for Anglers

November 08, 2022
2022 Gift Guide for Anglers

Catching a trophy trout can be time consuming, but reeling in the perfect gift for the angler in your life is quick and easy with our Fishing Gift Guide. Whether you have a beginner looking to start their gear collection, or a seasoned fisherman needing some upgrades, we have a gift for every skill level and every price point. Hydration and packability are top priority for the backcountry angler, and our gift guide is full of lightweight riverside hydration and packs that are sure to be a great catch!

Collapsible Water Bottle

Best For: Lightweight pocket sized hydration on the river

Stow Bottle

When on the river, there is no space for hard clunky water bottles. Our Stow bottle is the perfect lightweight hydration solution on wet or dry land. This flexible bottle is designed to conform to even the smallest of pockets. No pocket? no problem! The Stow features a flexible bail handle that can be used to easily clip onto vests, packs, and more. When empty, the Stow can be flattened and rolled up into its handle, taking up little to no space in a pack. With an easy open flip cap and self sealing nozzle, you can stay hydrated without stripping in your line. Compatible with most 28mm threaded filters, the Stow is the ideal hydration solution for every river. 

Available in 500ml  ($16) & 1L ($19)


Best For: Eliminating waste in rivers, streams, and ponds

Fishpond Largemouth Piopod

When rivers and ponds are where we play, it is our responsibility to take care of them. Too often micro waste finds its way into our waterways, negatively affecting fish and their ecosystems. Give the gift of sustainability with Fishponds largemouth Piopod. Designed to fit in standard car and boat cup holders, or lashed anywhere using its side attachment point. Packing out used leader, tippet, and any other waste is easier than ever. 

Available in small ($13) and large ($20) sizes

Water Storage

Best for: Filtering or carrying additional water


Whether spending a week in the backcountry or a day on the river, access to additional drinking water is essential for every fishing trip. Our line of Seeker water storage bags are the ideal lightweight solution for filtering and carrying up to 4L of extra water. Compatible with most 42mm threaded filters, you can safely drink and store stream water. When not in use, simply flatten, roll, and store it inside the included storage bag. Designed to fit in a variety of packs or strapped to the outside of rigs and boats withits durable lash points, the Seeker goes wherever the river flows. 

Available in 2L ($24) 3L ($27) & 4L ($30)

Fishing Pack

Best for: Carrying fishing equipment through the backcountry

Simms Flyweight Pack Fishing Vest

When trekking into the backcountry, extra fishing and safety equipment is a necessity. To carry the additional gear, anglers need  a pack that is lightweight, durable, and packable. The Simms Flyweight Vest is our go to pack that carries extra equipment without the extra bulk. With lightweight and breathable straps, this vest fits more like a garment than a vest. Featuring a roll-top design that can compress or expand, an included HydraPak reservoir, and multiple pockets, there is a place for every essential. 

Available in multiple sizes ($200)

Hydration Reservoir

Best For: Hydration on Backcountry excursions

Force Reservoir

Backcountry anglers need durable gear that they can count on even through the most rugged terrains. Our Force reservoirs are the ideal backcountry hydration system that is designed to fit in most backpacks. Made out of ultra-durable and abrasion resistant material, this reservoir is the perfect way to stay hydrated on the go. Drink easily through its Hydrafusion tube which protects in the toughest conditions while also keeping your drinking water cool in hot weather. The high-flow bite valve features a rugged dirt guard, and an on/off twist keeping every drink leak free and clean of dirt and grime.

Available in 2L ($42) and 3L ($45)