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2022 Gift Guide for Runners

October 18, 2022
2022 Gift Guide for Runners
Looking for the perfect holiday gift for the runners in your life? Our HydraPak Runner’s Gift Guide is just for you! We’ve compiled a list of our favorite running products - highlighting key product uses, price points and descriptions of each item. Whether it’s a stocking stuffer or wrapped with a bow, we have a gift for  road, trail  and recreational runners.

Running Handhelds

Best for: Just about every runner! Great for logging miles on the road and shorter trail runs.
SkyFlask Handheld 500ml
The SkyFlask is one of the most used items in running kits and is easily packed  alongside shoes on every work trip or family vacation. It's simple, lightweight design is easy to carry and drink from while running or on the go. The built-in hand strap makes it so runners don’t have to waste any extra energy gripping the bottle and the soft bite valve auto-seals after every sip. The 500ml size is ideal for weekday neighborhood runs or on shorter trail runs when runners  don’t want to carry a hydration pack. The SkyFlask is an ideal gift for any runner, plus it packs down small enough to fit in a Christmas stocking.  Available in Non- Insulated ($22) and Insulated ($30) styles.

Energy and Nutrition

Best for: Runners who’s activities last for longer than an hour or who are training for a race.

Gu Roctane
Water is all that’s needed for runs less than an hour, but to sustain energy and stamina on longer routes runners need to consume additional calories and electrolytes. Energy gels offer the nutrition they need in a convenient and portable package. During races, we noticed many athletes using GU’s Roctane Sports Gel in Sea Salt Chocolate, plus it tastes just like chocolate frosting. A box of 24 is the perfect gift for a runner  training for a race or endurance event. Available in a box of 24 ($62.40) or buy a bulk pouch of 15 servings ($25) to use in a reusable HydraPak soft flask.

Hydration for Endurance Runs

Best for: An ideal option for athletes who are out on the road or trail for an extended period of time without frequent access to water sources.

Velocity IT 1.5L Reservoir
When it comes to longer, endurance runs that require runners to carry larger quantities of water, hydration reservoirs are usually the best solution. The Velocity IT is a favorite reservoir amongst runners - it holds 1.5L of water and fits perfectly in just about every running pack or vest. Plus, the lightweight insulating foam layer keeps water cool - a lifesaver on hot-weather runs. This running reservoir is an ideal upgrade for anyone who runs with a vest or pack. Available in 1.5L ($40)

Running Vests

Best for: For runners with longer activities out on the trail that require them to carry nutrition and other necessities.

Salomon Advanced Skin 12
A running vest or pack is an essential piece of gear for any trail runner that is starting to run further and for longer periods out on the trail. Hydration vests and packs are designed to be a convenient and comfortable way for runners to carry water, nutrition and other important essentials. There are lots of amazing running vests available to choose from, but our current vest of choice is Salomon’s Adv Skin 12 vest. Made of super soft and comfortable material that fits like a piece of clothing, the Adv Skin 12 features two HydraPak soft flasks, can hold your trekking poles and has a pocket for just about anything runners  need. It is important to note that running vests and packs are size specific, make sure to know your runner’s size before purchasing. Available in size XS - XL ($160)

Best Hydration Flask Replacement

Best for: Runners who use running vests with front facing flasks who are looking for a replacement or an upgraded model with premium features.

UltraFlask Speed SoftFlasks

The versatile UltraFlask Speed is our best-selling  hydration upgrade of the season. Designed to fit in most running vests and packs they are made of pliable material that conform to most pockets and shrink as runners drink to minimize water movement. UltraFlask’s feature a SpeedFill cap that pops open for fast filling and can be used with or without the straw. A favorite of athlete, Hillary Allen, the UltraFlask Speed is ideal for runners and racers looking to fill up quickly and efficiently. Available in two sizes - 500ml ($22 / $42 - 2-Pack), 600ml ($24 / $42 - 2-Pack)