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2023 Winter Sports Gift Guide

November 01, 2023
2023 Winter Sports Gift Guide

All sports can be demanding but winter sports have a few added elements that make things more challenging. When you’re out pushing your body in the mountains the last thing you want to worry about is how you’re going to stay hydrated or whether or not your gear is going to provide you with what you need. Don’t want to spend a lot of time doing research? No problem. We’ve compiled a list of must-have gifts to give this holiday season that are bound to set you up for success.

Soft Water Bottle

Stow Bottle

What to look for when carrying hydration during Winter? Meet our STOW line. The most packable, lightweight, easy-to-carry, filter compatible water bottle on the market. Since the release of the STOW 350, we’ve had heaps of positive reviews from skiers and snowboarders alike. The simple design and durable construction allows you to flatten and roll when empty making it the perfect on-mountain hydration solution. 

Available in 350ML($15) 500ML($17) and 1L($20)


Black Diamond Mercury Mittens

Whether you’re blazing a new trail in the backcountry or shredding groomers at your favorite resort, you can be rest assured that your hands will stay warm while wearing the Black Diamond Mercury Mitts. Comfortable, recycled fleece linings in the liner mitts maximize warmth and dexterity while still ensuring a solid grip. Goat leather palms and additional reinforcement layers stand up to rocky terrain.

Available for $119.95

Arctic Fusion Insulated Hose


Arctic Fusion Insulated Hose

There’s nothing worse than working up a sweat on a cold snowy day then reaching to your hydration tube to get some water and… nothing. Your water is frozen! We created the Arctic Fusion hose to prevent this from ever happening to you. Weighing just 3.5oz, the Arctic Fusion hose is the perfect gift this holiday season to ensure that you get the proper hydration you deserve. 

Available for $19

Water Reservoir

Contour 2L

The Contour 2L reservoir is the ideal blend of convenience and peak performance that is sure to be a great water storage option for all of your winter sports endeavors. It’s smart design and lightweight profile make it a great option for packing into the backcountry. Adding the Arctic Fusion Insulated Hose is the best setup for the winter. It ensures your hose won’t freeze up on you when you need it most. 

Available for $43


Black Diamond Dawn Patrol 25

The Black Diamond Dawn Patrol 25 Liter Pack is the perfect go to pack for morning tours, spring ski-mountaineering missions and in-bounds storm days. Its lightweight design is made with 100% recycled main body fabrics and has essential features for the backcountry. The built-in safety pocket is perfect for storing your avalanche safety kit for easy accessibility.

Available for $179.95