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Couples Who Adventure: MTB Racing and Training as a Couple

February 12, 2023
Couples Who Adventure: MTB Racing and Training as a Couple

Our Couples Who Adventure Together series continues with professional Mountain Biker Alexey Vermeulen and Triathlete Sophie Linn. For them, professional racing and training has always been part of their relationship, but they also enjoy getting out and trying new activities, too! Alexey shares how empathy is a big part of what makes their relationship work.

What types of adventures do you have with your partner, and what's your favorite?

A lot of our outdoor adventures are on bikes. Whether a training ride into the mountains or commuting to a coffee stop, cycling is something we love doing together and with our dog, Willie. Second behind riding is skiing where I would say we swap off between skinning uphill and nordic skiing on given weekends.

How has your adventuring impacted and formed your relationship?

Being outdoors together is what brought us closer together and helped create our relationship. We started dating just before Covid, and the pandemic gave time to work out together and try new things. Many of our first dates were spent with Sophie running while I rode beside her. Sophie also did her first 100 mile ride and 200km ride during the pandemic which I loved being a part of.

How do you balance your racing and relationship?

Racing and relationships can be difficult, at a minimum you need someone who understands what you do. We’re lucky that we both race professionally. So when the season is busy or one of us has a late night training, it is easy to understand because the other person is probably doing it too.

Any advice for other couples who are on the fence about getting outside and adventuring?

Try different activities! I have enjoyed learning to ski with Sophie and seeing her learn new riding skills. You never know what sport might fit best!

Whether you're a professional athlete or just starting out, adventuring as a couple can be a great way to grow your relationship with the outdoors and each other. You never know until you try!


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