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Cupless Racing Program

April 01, 2024
Cupless Racing Program

Trash at races stacks up. From start to finish, it’s estimated that an average marathon runner  uses between 35 to 50 cups. Not to mention energy gel wrappers, bottles and other trash that’s accumulated at these events.

HydraPak designed its collapsible and reusable SpeedCup as a way to minimize waste and replace single-use cups at race events. We have worked with a variety of race directors throughout the country, introducing them to “cupless racing” and supporting them with materials and products that help them achieve their sustainability goals. Over the past seven years, over 80% of trail races on the west coast have switched over to a cupless model. That's a lot of trash saved!  

This year, HydraPak expanded  its cupless racing efforts  by offering additional  resources to both road and trail races. The new cupless racing program offers races 300 free SpeedCups, 16 SpeedFill Pitchers, signage, as well as our cupless racing digital toolkit and access to an exclusive race director portal where additional supplies can be  ordered at a discount. The program kicked off in February and over 25 new races have signed up.

What can you do to support the cupless movement? Runners can  race like they train, carrying their own hydration at events. They can also  reach out to their local race directors and ask them to introduce a cupless racing model. Race directors can learn more about HydraPak’s cupless racing program by clicking here or filling out this form to get started.