RECON: The New Sustainability Standard

RECON: The New Sustainability Standard

Over the past two decades, HydraPak has become the number one original equipment manufacturer of reservoirs and soft flasks in the world. We were founded in Northern California with a mission to create durable hydration and water storage products for outdoor use. HydraPak’s sustainability focus has evolved to include not only product purpose but also the materials, manufacturing, packaging, and promotion of a circular lifecycle. Our debut hard bottle is the RECON and it successfully sets an industry benchmark.

HydraPak’s RECON is the world’s first bottle where the bottle and cap are made from 50 percent certified recycled plastic.

Utilizing Eastman Tritan™ Renew technology to transform plastic waste, from a variety of sources with a primary source being PET (polyethylene terephthalate) single-use bottles, x9 bottles to be exact, into upcycled outdoor water bottles.

To boot, at end-of-life the RECON is recyclable, which benefits the environment and eco-minded consumers who want to recycle. When you design using materials that are hard or impossible to recycle, it’s not going to do the consumer any good at the product’s end of life. Our goal is to help create a demand stream that encourages a virtuous cycle of circular manufacturing. We want to make recyclability more convenient and broadly available to consumers.

Tested and Approved for Adventure

Sustainability cred aside, we designed the RECON to be the backpacker’s ideal water bottle. It’s tough as nails and the tall and thin shape—of both the 1-liter and 750-milliliter size—means it slides easily in and out of backpack side pockets.

The cap is leak-proof and twists 180 degrees to close and open: You don’t need to remove or lift up the cap to drink. Instead, the cap is rotated open and liquid can pass through. A lid that doesn’t require detachment to guzzle means that you won’t risk a splash or spill in a remote location, like when you’re hiking on the trail or even walking around town and it’s a wide-mouth game-changer in the car.

Also, the flow rate of the cap design is exceptional—you’re not choking on water or sucking in air—like you’re drinking out of a water glass, which is optimum for staying hydrated.

Closing The Loop

RECON Water Bottle

Across the world, there’s a growing demand for reusable bottles, as we become more knowledgeable about the impact of single-use plastic on the environment and at HydraPak, we want to be part of the solution.

The RECON, is the very first hard plastic bottle where the bottle-and-cap is composed out of the greatest amount of recycled material to be featured in a reusable bottle to date.

It ultimately provides hydration for adventurers and everyday users—yet, it’s so much more than an outdoor water bottle. Through this product, we aim to shake the industry by utilizing recycled plastic to push forward circular manufacturing. It places a new pressure on streams of recycled materials and intends to make recycling more accessible countrywide. The RECON doesn’t stop at a single liter of hydration: its design encompasses the big picture. Hopefully, we start to see a lot more of our gear built with comprehensive responsibility to make a positive impact.