Doing More

We believe in the communities and activities our products serve, and the wild places they take you. From park trails at the end of the street to remote, pristine wilderness, we believe in protecting, preserving, and providing access to the spaces we play, which is why we partner with organizations that do just that.

The Cycle Effect

The Cycle Effect is dedicated to empowering young women through mentorship and mountain biking. Through their mountain biking program, The Cycle Effect is able to provide opportunities for young girls to engage in a healthy lifestyle while developing leadership and life skills.

Trail Sisters

Trail Sisters was founded with one goal in mind, to increase women’s participation and opportunities in trail running. Through community and education, Trail Sisters is able to empower more women to take up space on the trails we hold dear.

52 Hike Challenge

The outdoors have a way of impacting physical, emotional, and mental health. The 52 Hike Challenge is a community taking a challenge to hike 52 hikes in one year. They provide the education, support, and resources needed for participants to accomplish their goals and experience the life changing impacts of the great outdoors.