Ski & Snowboard Hydration

Push off. Slash some turns, pop that rock, stomp the landing, and tour back up for more. From all day excursions deep into the backcountry to hunting fresh lines bell-to-bell in the resort, proper hydration means better performance in cold weather and our lightweight, durable hydration systems give riders easy access to fluids. Go big in the resort or go deep into the sidecountry, we’ve got your back.

How Altitude Affects Hydration

The outdoor activities we love often have us venturing into the mountains and understanding how altitude affects hydration—and dehydration—can help ensure you’re able to maintain peak levels of performance. From trail running in Colorado to ski-touring in the Andes, find out how to dial in your high-altitude hydration program.
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The Perfectly Balanced Kamber 42

The Kamber 42 is purpose-built for going from dawn to dusk deep in the backcountry. It’s got multiple options for carrying skis, a snowboard, and ice tools as well as a fleece-lined goggle pocket. Most importantly, it can help keep you hydrated on long tours: the internal reservoir sleeve and insulated hose routing on the shoulder are designed to be used with HydraPak reservoirs.